The Wild Watercolour course

Learn watercolour the wild way! I'm Dolores Phelps, an experienced painter in watercolours and teacher, and you will I hope, be familiar with my work on Instagram @doloresphelpswatercolours.
I developed an 8 week Watercolour Challenge that will demonstrate the simple but effective principles that will revolutionise your watercolour practice!

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Have you always wanted to express yourself with watercolour, but are confronted with those nagging fears - messing it up, a ‘failed’ painting, the blank sheet of paper, muddy colours, scrubbed washes, it all looks a bit washed out and dull?
Have you spent money on heaps of expensive and unnecessary art materials and not sure how and when to use them? Perhaps you’ve attended workshops and joined art groups... and it’s good fun and great company, but not really getting you where you want to be.
Why is it so nerve-racking sometimes to just start?

Lose the fear!

It’s perfectly possible to paint joyfully and expressively, and create beautiful effects without the fear of messing it up or spoiling it! I’d like to show you how with my 8-week course, with options for mentoring and coaching afterwards.

Let the water guide you

You will acquire all the techniques you need to paint abstract landscapes, stormy clouds and atmospheric trees in my style, whilst discovering your own watercolour ‘voice’.
The 7-8 week challenge follows my philosophy of mindfulness, presence, awareness and the principle 'Let the water guide you', which will inspire and enable you to make watercolour marks and passes that have integrity and a natural ‘flow’. By guiding and directing the water and paint to ‘do their own thing’, you will create effects that harness the intrinsic beauty and natural properties of water based media.

8 week challenge

Week 1 - Let the Water Guide You - Feel the FreedomWeek 2 - Mystical Abstract LandscapesWeek 3 - Watercolour SecretsWeeks 4 & 5 - Creating Stunning TreescapesWeeks 6 & 7 - Journey Through the CloudsFinish - Exhibit and Celebrate!

Next course will be advertised here in early 2025

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